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Terms and Conditions


These conditions of sale apply to the relationship between, on the one hand, the CUSTOMER individually or on behalf of a company and the other, «Cocina Caprice», Pont del Treball Digne 11. 08020 Barcelona.
«Cocina Caprice» undertakes to take responsibility for the preparation of a gastronomic event in the place chosen by the client.
A possible prior interview will allow «Cocina Caprice» to advise, in the client's interest, the best menu options and evaluate the facilities provided.
Confirmation of an order implies acceptance of these conditions of sale.

Order and Reservation

Quotes are valid for 15 days from the date of shipment.
Any order or reservation will be considered confirmed by «Cocina Caprice» the instant the quote signed and dated by the client and the catering provider is received by email and after payment of 25% of the budgeted amount, in the bank account that will be indicated to the client in their email.
The client undertakes to indicate an exact number of people, which must be confirmed by email no later than 7 days before the event date. and will be considered the basis of billing.


All prices are in euros.
VAT is 10% for meals, buffet, cocktails, soft drinks and delivery of prepared meals. For alcoholic beverages and equipment rental, the VAT applied is 21%. If the statutory VAT rate has reduced or increased between the signing of the estimate and invoicing, the amount of the VAT invoice will be modified accordingly. This is an irrevocable clause and not subject to any negotiation between the parties.
Travel expenses: Beyond a perimeter of 50 km around Barcelona, ​​a fixed travel fee will apply.
Cleaning and storage of the kitchen are included in the service. Our staff is not trained to rehabilitate the reception area, room cleaning and toilets. The client must ensure the management of this service when making the reservation.
The disposal of garbage and glass is the responsibility of the clients. The disposal of food waste is at the expense of «Caprice Kitchen».

Payment conditions

FOR INDIVIDUALS: deposit of 25% of the total amount of the event at the time of signing. The pending amount is due on the same day of the event or delivery or within a maximum of 48 hours.
FOR PROFESSIONALS: 25% deposit of the total amount of the event at the time of signing, The rest will be paid within a maximum of 15 days after receipt of the invoice.
WEDDING: 25% deposit of the total amount at the time of signing, and the 50% one month before the event, and finally, the remaining balance (25%) after the event, when the invoice is issued.
The tests proposed for wedding services are intended only for the bride and groom. All tastings for additional people, unless otherwise agreed with “Cocina Caprice”, will be charged based on the rates set out in the quote. Tastings offered will be deducted from the final bill.
In the event of late payment, «Cocina Caprice» reserves the right to suspend all orders in progress, without prejudice to any other course of action.

Changes and cancellations

In the case of a partial or complete cancellation of the order issued by the client, the 25% deposit will be retained by COCINA CAPRICE (*).
A compensation of 50 % of the final invoice amount will be applied in case of a cancellation in the 4 days before the event and 100 % in case the event is canceled 2 days before its scheduled date.
(*) Except weddings: if the cancellation occurs more than 3 months before the wedding, you will be refunded half of the deposit paid.
In the event of not obtaining a specific product, «Cocina Caprice» reserves the right to change the menu and offer the client a product of the same price or better, respecting the ideology of the dish previously chosen by the client.
Any cancellation by the catering company "Cocina Caprice" of the ordered service, and except in cases of force majeure, will give rise to the return of the deposit paid by the client, within the legal terms, excluding any other type of compensation.

Force Majeure

«Cocina Caprice» could be released from its obligations or suspend its execution if it is unable to ensure the provision in case of force majeure: death, war, riots, strikes, demonstrations, road blockage or non-passable road, accidents, storms, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, floods, fuel shortages...


In case of postponement by the client of the date of the event, whatever the cause, the deposit will be retained by the company «Cocina Caprice».


We reserve the right to refuse to work in certain places for technical reasons (kitchen not sufficiently equipped, place with unevenness, unhealthy, etc.)
For events requiring the provision of mobile equipment, the venue kitchen must be equipped with a minimum of electrical power of 5 Kw, 220 volts and 32 amps to operate with our equipment.
All costs related to the operation requested by the event venue are the responsibility of the client.
Our mobile kitchen: A supplement will be charged based on the elements provided by our team: tables, countertops, electric generators, freezers, ovens and hobs, barbecue, hot cabinets, light... (estimate upon request).

Liability – Insurance

Food intolerances and allergies: «Caprice Kitchen» offers alternatives for special diets (vegan, vegetarian, Halal, allergies and intolerances...).
For people with celiac disease, «Cocina Caprice» is committed to using gluten-free products, but «Cocina Caprice» kitchens are not adapted to avoid cross contamination. We are not responsible in case of problems with this type of allergy.
External products: Drinks or food outside our services are not allowed to be served without prior agreement. Goods not delivered by «Cocina Caprice» are under the responsibility of the client. It is up to the latter to make the necessary arrangements.
Unconsumed goods: In an event with service, the staff will destroy unconsumed merchandise at the end of the event, unless specifically requested by the client and with the protection of a release of liability from the client that exempts «Cocina Caprice» from liability. No responsibility is assumed for any consumption of leftover menu items.
Material rental: Any goods or materials made available to the client for rent or loan that are destroyed, broken, damaged or not returned will be subject to additional charges.
The company «Cocina Caprice» cannot be held responsible for the improper use of the products (presentation, storage, overheating, delay...) due to exceeding the event schedule, for the inappropriate action of other service providers chosen by the client (DJ or presenter, owner or guests...), the insufficiency of the electrical connection, the poor condition of the place...


Before 24 hours.
After this time, no claim regarding the development of the event will be accepted.
Deliveries: Any delay or earlier than the agreed schedule cannot cause non-payment of part or all of the invoice amount or rejection of the goods. Likewise, any error in delivery cannot be attributed to «Cocina Caprice» in the event that the information delivered is incorrect.


In the absence of an amicable solution, any type of dispute that may arise between «Cocina Caprice» and the client will be resolved in the courts of Barcelona.

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